UPEC Livestreams: Keeping you connected with the UP environment

Our series of livestreams, co-hosted by Board President Horst Schmidt and Vice President Evan Zimmermann, keeps you up-to-date with environmental issues facing the Upper Peninsula.

Please note: as of November 2021, you can view all archived recordings of the livestreams anytime on UPEC’s Facebook page. Earlier posts below link to UPEC’s YouTube channel, which is no longer being used for this purpose.


The Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition is proud to present a talk about how we can avoid replacing our old pollution problems with new ones. As we move into renewable energy, solar panels, batteries, and wind turbines need to replaced. What plans do we have to recycle the discarded materials in a finite world? Professor Dustin Mulvaney will talk about the challenges facing our society in the move to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Over 90% of the global economy continues to use natural resources unsustainably. The linear “take-make-toss” approach to materials use still prevails over circular economy and industrial ecology ideas in practice. The shift to renewable energy is one step towards building an economy on more circular material flows. But the materials needed to decarbonize electricity and mobility are supplied by mining and extractives industries, places where impacts from natural resource extraction can be most severe. This talk will highlight key issues related to extractives, land, manufacturing, and waste in the clean energy economy.

Dustin Mulvaney is a Professor in the Environmental Studies Department at San José State University (SJSU) and a Fellow with the Payne Institute for Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines. His research includes work on just transitions, solar energy commodity chains, and natural resource development. Dr. Mulvaney’s book Solar Power: Innovation, Sustainability, Environmental Justice was published by the University California Press (2019).

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A talk with Karol Miller, founder and president, The 06 Legacy

Gray wolf management continues to be a flashpoint in many areas of the US in which the species is found. In this edition of the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition’s Livestream Series, our guest speaker is Karol Miller of The 06 Legacy (https://www.facebook.com/The06Legacy/). As founder and president, Miller leads this national group in advocating for wolves. The 06 Legacy Group is named for a female wolf named 06 for the year she was born in Yellowstone National Park. She was followed by many wolf watchers, and was shot and killed by a hunter outside the park in December 2012. Miller, who holds a M.S. in Engineering and has taught high school mathematics, will explain the mission and work of The 06 Legacy.

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Discussion with Jenn Hill, Citizens Utility Board of Michigan

Propane has been in the news in the UP during this winter as it became another battleground in the fight to close Line 5. Enbridge, the owner of the pipeline, has been waging a propaganda campaign with its allies that is meant to create fear, alarm and confusion about what would happen to propane supplies if the line is shut down. Jenn Hill, who has been on the UP Energy Task Force from the beginning, will be able to inform our audience on how the recommendations crafted by the task force on alternative sources for propane became a political football.

Then we’ll switch to work done by the energy task force on our electrical generation capacity during the past year. Will solar and wind projects become the norm? What’s in store for consumers with our widely varying utility bills? Is electrification of transportation feasible in the UP? And many more details.

Jenn Hill is a board member of the Citizens Utility Board of Michigan, and a Marquette City Council member. Jenn has a master’s degree in urban planning. She and her husband reside in Marquette.

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