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“The 06 Legacy: Advocating for Gray Wolves Across the United States” (May 14, 2021)

A talk with Karol Miller, founder and president, The 06 Legacy

Gray wolf management continues to be a flashpoint in many areas of the US in which the species is found. In this edition of the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition’s Livestream Series, our guest speaker is Karol Miller of The 06 Legacy ( As founder and president, Miller leads this national group in advocating for wolves. The 06 Legacy Group is named for a female wolf named 06 for the year she was born in Yellowstone National Park. She was followed by many wolf watchers, and was shot and killed by a hunter outside the park in December 2012. Miller, who holds a M.S. in Engineering and has taught high school mathematics, will explain the mission and work of The 06 Legacy.

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