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Deadline for entries was January 19, 2024 — thanks to everyone who entered.  We'll notify all entrants of the judges' decisions soon.


Every year, UPEC invites people to help us recognize and share the beauty of our Upper Peninsula landscape and its inhabitants by entering our Photo Contest. (view past winners here)

This year we will honor photo winners in two categories: Unedited Photos and Digitally Enhanced Photos. Unedited Photos are exactly that: shots you take and then submit to the contest without any post-processing. In the Digitally Enhanced category, you can take your original photo and let your creativity run free using any of the many digital photo editing tools out there. You can send us up to three photos total, in either or both of the categories. The shots can be of any subject, so long as it’s a picture of the UP. Photos must be a high-resolution shot in .jpg format (file size: 1 megabyte minimum; 5 megabytes maximum).

NEW THIS YEAR: Create and share UP-themed AI Art! Just for fun, we’ve added a category where you can use one of the new AI image generators online (search for “free AI image generators”) to create an image that represents the UP. This is done by entering a descriptive text prompt into the image generator. An example would be: “Northern forest with lake and canoe, van Gogh style.” The more detail in your prompt, the better the results. Some generators allow you to then edit the image in various ways. Let your imagination rule, and then save the image, give it a title, and send it in!

The winners in each category will be enlarged, printed, and matted, and we’ll display it at our Celebrate the UP! event next March in Houghton. The photographer/artist will get to keep the print. The winners and first runners-up will also be published in our spring newsletter.

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