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UPEC Position Papers, Comment Letters, and

Support Letters


For over 45 years, UPEC has adopted carefully considered positions on a wide range of environmental issues facing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Below are links to our position papers, letters to officials commenting on policies and projects, and letters of support for projects.

We also post daily to Facebook, so please visit and like the UPEC Facebook page to see issues that concern the Upper Peninsula and the Great Lakes area!

If you know of an issue you think we should be aware of but haven’t seen us post anything about it, please contact us and let us know.

Position Papers (PPs), Comment Letters (CLs), and Support Letters (SLs)

Recent Sign-Ons

UPEC is often asked to sign on to letters on a variety of environmental topics. The Board considers each one before deciding whether to sign on. Here is a sampling of some of the ones we’ve signed on to in recent months.

  • Opposing Trump Administration rollback of National Environmental Policy Act

  • Supporting Paw and Fin Act, to restore provisions of the Endangered Species Act rolled back by Trump Administration

  • Opposing proposed nuclear storage site near Lake Huron

  • Calling on Department of the Interior to suspend public comment periods during the Covid-19 crisis

  • Opposing unconditional bailouts of the aviation industry

  • Urging Congress to consider illegal wildlife trade as root cause of Covid-19

  • Supporting a tax credit for all taxpayers, not just itemizers, in the coronavirus relief bill

  • Requesting extension of public comment periods for all Forest Service projects during Covid-19

  • Urging Congress to increase funding for monarch butterfly conservation

  • Endorsing UP Energy Task Force Committee Recommendations on Propane Supply

  • Requesting that the Office of Management & Budget pause all rulemaking, permitting, and comment periods for oil, gas, and mining for the duration of the COVID-19

  • Opposing bailouts of marginal uranium companies

  • Requesting that Governor Whitmer put the Line 5 permitting process on hold

  • Asking for various clean water priorities in Covid-19 relief packages

  • Opposing Covid-19 relief bills that bail out Big Oil

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