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“Unjust Transition for Refinery Workers in Canada During Climate Change” (January 13, 2022)

What if one day your employer told your union you were redundant because of climate change? On January 13 at 8 pm EST Professor Emily Eaton will talk about how an unjust transition happened in Saskatchewan at an oil refinery. She’ll discuss the corporation’s campaign to destroy the workers’ union before and after it went on strike under the cover of climate change. Professor Eaton will explain the dynamics of the province’s oil economy, which led to the creation of the union-corporation dispute. We will get an update of what has happened at the refinery since July 2021.

Our guest in the first UPEC livestream of 2022 is Emily Eaton, an associate professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan. She studies the oil industry’s influence on rural institutions and culture in oil-producing municipalities in Canada, and examines the influence of oil and energy interests in K–12 education. Emily is currently involved in a community-engaged research project pushing to prioritize justice and equity principles in renewable city strategies.

This livestream and all archived past events available at

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