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“The Glasgow Climate Summit as experienced by MTU Students” (February 24, 2022)

A delegation from Michigan Tech participated in the COP26 International Climate Negotiation meeting in Glasgow in November 2021. The group was part of the Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education (YEAH), which supported students to present several events at the Climate Summit. The students were also able to observe formal and informal presentations by the U.S. delegation, meet people from around the world, and observe the negotiation process. COP26 featured some successful outcomes, but left major challenges for the future.

On the next edition of the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition Livestream Series, our guest is MTU Professor Sarah Green. Dr. Green led the university’s delegation, and will share a general overview of what the group did (student presentations, etc.) and some of the key outcomes of COP26. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and discussion.

Our guest

Sarah Green, Professor of Chemistry at Michigan Technological University, is interested in all aspects of environmental chemistry from molecular analytical methods to global climate change, including the science policy interface. Dr. Green has been a member of the Chemistry Department at Michigan Tech since 1994 and served as Department Chair from 2004 to 2013. She was awarded a Jefferson Science Fellowship to serve in the Bureau of East Asia-Pacific Affairs in the U.S. Department of State (2013-14). Dr. Green served as co-vice chair for the Scientific Advisory Panel on the Sixth Global Environmental Outlook, United Nations Environment Program.

The Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition’s Livestream Series keeps the public up-to-date with environmental issues facing the U.P. The livestreams are co-hosted by Board President Horst Schmidt and Vice President Evan Zimmermann. This livestream and all archived past events are available at For more about UPEC, visit

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