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“Northwoods Forest Conservation — Practical Advice for Landowners”

With Joe Hovel, Partners in Forestry and the Northwood Alliance

Thursday, December 10, 2020, 7 pm EST, livestreamed via Facebook and Zoom (links below)

“Let’s Talk” is the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition livestream program that looks at how we, the people, can build sustainable communities in the UP. Our next program will be a conversation between Joe Hovel of Partners in Forestry and the Northwood Alliance, and Horst Schmidt, President of UPEC. Hovel will talk about Northwoods Forest Conservation: A Handbook, a new, free 66-page publication that provides practical advice for landowners who want to manage their forested property in an ecologically sound way. The handbook shares reflections from Northwoods conservation practitioners and landowners, assembles tools and resources for forest conservation, and celebrates completed projects. The handbook is free for the asking (donations gratefully accepted; see links below). Mike Dombeck, a former chief of the U.S. Forest Service, says, “I have not seen a more inspiring, practical, and easy-to-read ‘how-to’ guide to common-sense sustainable forest land conservation practices. Northwoods Forest Conservation: A Handbook is an must-read for all who depend upon and care about forests.” Hovel will also talk about other recent projects, such as the new Community Forest at Wildcat Falls.

About Joe Hovel

Joe Hovel has been a tireless advocate for Northwoods land conservation practices for decades. He is president of Partners in Forestry Cooperative and a passionate leader for Northwood Alliance where he continually strives to inspire the next generation of conservationists. His years of conservation-related activity are grounded in a passion for the innumerable reasons to protect the environment for future generations. He has negotiated, acquired, and transferred lands for conservation as well as carried out numerous other conservation practices. Following a long career in value-added forestry and woodworking, he is working to demonstrate that sustainable forestry and conservation are one and the same in practice.

Ordering the Handbook

There is no charge to request the handbook, but donations are welcome to help offset costs. To order, send an email with your name and mailing address to or, or else call Northwood Alliance at 715-479-8528. To donate, visit

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