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Marquette Spaceport? Development at Any Cost? (November 5, 2020)

This installment of the “This Is It!” livestream of the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition featured a close look at a controversial proposal, sprung upon the Marquette community with great fanfare last summer: a spaceport on Lake Superior. Our guest was Dennis Ferraro, president of a new nonprofit called Citizens for a Safe & Clean Lake Superior.  You can find out more about them at

After an online petition garnered 21,000 signatures opposing a spaceport, CSCLS formed to defeat the plan, which is seen as damaging to an outdoor recreational-based economy, a danger to public safety, an interference with vested property rights, and a threat to the quality of life enjoyed by Powell and Marquette Township residents.

When Ferraro, a retired trial attorney with long-standing family ties to the UP, took up residence three years ago with his family on the shoreline of Lake Superior near Marquette, he was inspired to become involved in environmental issues. After getting his feet wet and learning from activists, Ferraro now finds himself as president of  CSCLS. He will make the case that there is no compelling need to industrialize the pristine Lake Superior shoreline at the estate of Granot Loma.

You can contact CSCLS at

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