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“Land Fragmentation in the UP and Northern Wisconsin” (August 20, 2021)

Are the UP and Northern Wisconsin’s forest lands in danger? Joe Hovel, a tireless advocate for Northwoods conservation for decades, joins us for the next UPEC livestream to talk about land fragmentation in the era of climate change. He has written a new book focused on land fragmentation, reframing how he sees the problem in northern Wisconsin and the UP. With the current frenzy in the real estate market, land as well as housing is being bought, which is leading to gentrified fragmentation of our wilderness. Joe will discuss how fragmentation is occurring and what it means in the UP for our wildlife and vegetation. When we combine fragmentation with ongoing climate change, we are further endangering our environment. Join us on August 20th for an in-depth look at the threats facing us!

About our guest

Joe Hovel has been a tireless advocate for Northwoods conservation for decades. His years of conservation activity are grounded in a passion for the innumerable reasons to protect land for future generations. Individually and in partnership, he has supported, negotiated, acquired, and transferred land for conservation. He is president of Partners in Forestry Coop and acting leader for Northwoods Alliance Inc.

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