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Our next livestream:

Line 5: Where Do We Stand Now? plus, How Your Vote Affects Michigan’s Environment This Year

Thursday, October 29 • 7 pm EDT

Our guest: Jennifer McKay, Policy Director, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council





Meeting ID: 899 7135 7951
Passcode: upec2020

“The Energy Show” is the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition Livestream program that looks at the future of energy use in the UP.  On our next program, we’ll present Jennifer McKay, Policy Director of the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council in Petoskey.  Jennifer has extensive experience on water issues and frequently testifies before legislative committees on bills. as well as talking to groups.  She and your UPEC livestream hosts will have a conversation about what is happening with Enbridge’s Line 5 fuel pipeline, including the latest legislative, legal, regulatory, and technical issues.  The controversy over Line 5 has become an octopus with multiple tentacles, each raising different questions and unresolved problems. 


Then, with the election less than a week away, we’ll switch to voting, with an environmental focus.  We’ll go over some basics in case you're not familiar with Michigan voting requirements.  Then we'll talk about how your vote affects public environmental policy.  A good example is Proposition 1, which asks voters how state trust funds for our natural resource acquisitions and infrastructure should be spent.  You’ll come away better informed and (if you haven’t voted yet) better equipped to cast a vote that reflects your priorities.

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UPEC supports Proposition 1

At its quarterly meeting on October 24, the UPEC Board of Directors voted to endorse Proposition 1, the ballot proposal that would change how the state uses revenue from oil and gas drilling to support state parks and other state-run public lands. Many, but not all, environmental groups are supporting Prop 1. You can read Michigan Public Radio’s analysis of the proposal here.

Everyone is invited to attend a virtual 

Upper Peninsula Clean Energy Conference 

November 9 • 2:00–4:30pm EST 


This free conference will introduce you to the governor's U.P. Energy Task Force charged with developing recommendations for the U.P.'s energy future. Renewable energy can offer independence, jobs and a bright economic future if we plan to get ahead of the curve, rather than be left behind.


Go to the website to register and view the full agenda. And please be sure to share this opportunity with your network of colleagues, co-workers, friends and family. 

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