Thanks to everyone who entered UPEC’s 2021 Photo Contest

Thanks to everyone who entered the 2021 UPEC Photo Contest. The deadline for entries was November 1. The judging committee will choose the winners in each category, with announcements coming in December.

Most of the photos you see on this website are entries from previous photo contests.

Each year, UPEC invites you to help us recognize and share the beauty of our landscape and its inhabitants through you photos. Send us your best shots representing the beautiful UP, including photos you may have on file from any season of the year.

Winners will be announced in each category in the winter UPEC newsletter, and winning photos will be published there and in later newsletters. They also may be part of an on-line photo gallery and on display at the next Celebrate the UP!

​2020 UPEC Photo Contest Winners

Out of nearly 100 entries, these were judged to be the “best of the best” in our four categories:

  1. Nature panoramas: “Grand view” by Jeffrey A. Weir

  2. Humans engaged with the natural world: “Rock awe” by Phil Bellfy

  3. Hidden beauty: “Swan song” by Elizabeth J. Bates

  4. Wonderful fluid water: “Autumn swirls” by Joan Haara

Thanks to everyone who entered!  Enjoy!

Contest categories and rules

You can be from anywhere, but your photos must be from the Upper Peninsula.  You may submit one photo in each of the five categories below. Each category has latitude open to the photographer’s interpretation.  


1.    Nature panoramas, wildlife, and landscapes (category designation: NP)

2.    Humans engaged with the natural world (HE)

3.    Close-ups of hidden or overlooked beauty (HB)

4.    Wonderful fluid water (FL)

5.    Cabin fever cure (CF)


To be considered, photos must be high-resolution (1 megabyte minimum; 6 megabytes maximum) photo in .jpg format.

How do I enter? The 2021 Contest is now closed. The deadline for entering was November 1, 2020.  Winners will be announced in December.

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